The option should exist for those who have already grinded 1,00

  • Late in the cycle, no one wishes to watch diamonds and amethysts walk outside with the animations. The NBA 2K Coins problem in Triple Threat rises to HOF after getting to 750 wins. The last prize on the board is at 1,000 wins, and following that, there are only the very same prizes everyone whether you have 1 triumph or 5,000 wins has (i.e. whatever is in the vault, altered bi-weekly.)

    The option should exist for those who have already grinded 1,000 wins, to alter their difficulty to what they're comfortable with, as they're on unequal footing chasing vault opals with people on 300 wins that are playing at All-Star difficulty and might possibly get into the vault far more frequently as NBA 2K21 is easier. If the vault starting odds were increased for greater problems, this would be a fantastic payoff, but this is not true which brings me to.

    As it stands, since they shifted the vault prizes to 10 tokens, 5k MT and 4 opals, the vault opening chances have been horrendous at an anemic 19%, instead of the 44% earlier (I have numerous posts demonstrating vault odds). Once the prizes are better nerfing the chances is devious. As such, the chances should remain static and should also be displayed!

    Among the most toxic things to encounter in NBA 2K21 games would be that the combo of the ball court along with black home uniforms. We all know the community does this on purpose to annoy. There should be an alternative for anyone with black ball, toddlers and court to see their display as they made their court/uniforms, but the online opponent to observe a generic 2K home white jersey and generic 2K regular parquet court with an orange ball.

    Alternately, if that programming is beyond their capability, they should just pub home uniforms from being darker than yellow and not let blended colours (as an example, in case you've got a black courtroom, then you can't select any of the dark coloured balls to your group, or to put it a different way, they will just exhibit the light colored balls whenever you're picking the ball following the court. If you decide on the Cheap NBA 2K MT ball first and then try to select a mixed, instead of a contrasting court colour, it is going to direct you from doing this. The court and the ball are in precisely the exact same screen that logic in there could be easily built by 2K.