The Basic Introduction Of Different Dog Camping Beds

  •   Lightweight, portable dog beds are an essential travel item for adventure dogs. It seems that just about every outdoor company is coming out with a dog travel bed, some more travel-friendly than others.

      We have used a variety of dog folding camping bed in our travels, whether we’re in the van, backpacking, bike touring, car camping, or just meeting friends for dinner. We bring a dog bed with us nearly everywhere we go so that our pups have a comfortable place to chill.

      The best beds are waterproof, lightweight, compact, fold easily, and keep your dog warm and comfortable. Some are better suited for backpacking, while others are great for everyday use. Check out our picks below.

      Highlands Bed, a super lightweight dog bed that fits into a compact stuff sack .For warm summer backpacking trips, you could use this on its own to give your dog a cozy place to lie at camp.

      The bed also features tie downs so you can stake it to the ground if it’s windy, as it would blow away due to the feather light weight.

      Highlands Sleeping Bag, which offers additional warmth and functions as a traditional sleeping bag. The zipper opens wide to allow your dog easy access in and out and closes enough to retain heat.

      Highlands Pad is a closed-cell foam core sleeping pad with an accordion-fold design that can either attach to the top of your dog’s pack or fit inside your own backpack. The pad fits into both the Highlands Sleeping Bag and the Highlands Bed to give your dog extra padding and warmth on cooler nights.


      Machine washable (pad is hand wash)

      Beds fits in all sizes

      Quick-drying fabrics


      Only comes in one size, so will not accommodate all breeds.

      Best for:


      Car Camping

      Everyday use

      It stores easily by folding in half, rolling and securing shut with velcro straps. The base layer is made from a non-slip waterproof material that keeps it dry and warm. As someone always looking for eco-friendly dog gear, I love that the polyfill is made from recycled materials.

      Despite the thin profile, the bed still provides plenty of cushion for comfort. The microsuede material used for the bed is soft, easy to clean, and durable for all kinds of adventures.


      Machine washable

      500 g recycled polyfill


      Non-slip base


      Best for:

      Everyday use

      Car camping


      Loft Bed

      We brought the Loft Bed on our bicycle tour and it proved its durability and comfort for two years of use. This bed is so plush, we often forced Sora to make room for all of us to sit on for picnic lunches!

      Similar to the Mt. Bachelor Pad, this bed is a go-anywhere travel dog bed. It folds in a similar fashion in seconds and the handle makes it comfortable to carry around.

      The ripstop material keeps the bed super clean and hair and dirt easily fly off with a couple of shakes. There is a zippered corner pocket to store small items, like a portable water bowl or light for night time.


      Waterproof bottom

      Water resistant material for bed

      Ripstop nylon

      140g polytech fill

      Machine washable

      Best for:

      Car camping


      Everyday use

      Doggy Bag

      Designed as the ultimate adventure dog bed, the Doggy Bag is very thoughtfully designed. This is probably our go-to go-anywhere bag. It folds up into a compact size in its stuff sack and is super portable from restaurant to car to camp to tent.

      The bag comes with a detachable top and bottom bed, which can be used alone or together. Toggles keep the top and bottom together when your dog is curled up inside and the top can fold back to allow your pup to stay warm, while still keeping an eye on the action going on at camp.

      A pad sleeve along the bottom accommodates a sleeping pad up to 20” wide and 1” thick. The bed also features a draft sleeve to keep your pup warm, even in windy conditions and acts as a bolster when used alone as a travel bed.

      With a temperature rating of 30°F, the Doggy Bag can be used most of the year and keep your dog plenty warm.


      Durable ripstop nylon

      Designed for canine sleeping positions

      DWR treatment

      Reflective Logos

      Machine washable

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