I have never intended on RuneScape

  • Okay I did the Horror of RS gold this deep quest, so now I can train about the draoonths or whatever there called. I went to combat them with my cannon, set it up, loaded it, started fireing and afterward my entire life went from 55 to 20 instly. I caught my cannon, then shot stright up the ladder. Barly survived with 9 hp and food gone. Here are my stats. 60att. 58str (lvling atm with meele). 41def (I dont actually need to lvl this one, tho I will when I must ). 54mage. 43range(I wish to use cannon to train up). 29 prayer(Ya its low I know...)

    Ok my gear was full Dragonhide with regular coif, Anti-Dragonfire shield, Glory amulet, Combat braclet, explores ring.Just wondering my stock if it is good or if I should alter it based on my levels. I am confident I will do it. I have watched many videos and have observed many guides. I've 70 att, str, def, range and 46 prayer. I'll be sporting sara d hide entire body, chaps, bracers, inf boots, archer helm, obby cape. I will be ranging with karils cbow and I have 5k bolt racks. Allow me to know if anything should change so far. I'll have in my stock: -15 super restores (4)-5 sara brews (4)-1 range pot (4)-5 prayer pots (4)-1 shark.

    Please allow me to know if I should change anything. If your not usig guthans, then swap the shark for 500-1k purple candies, u can resell those u dont use but will probly use alot of em. Additionally Rune crossbow+zam book may be better compared to karils bow. Concerning the pots. Hmm, u need 2 super restore pot per sara brew thus u have 5 to many superb restore pots.

    Alright, it's rare that I actually create a topic asking a question, generally I'm the person to answer , but this time I want your help. Lately, levels have been going OK. About 100,000xp a day, normally good. But eventuallyI do get tired of this area (and dangers, considering it had been in the Wilderness, also I've stared death up into the nose on several occasions), and need to find a new place. So I decided to migrate... into Damis' Giant Skeletons. They look pretty good training, but they eat my food up crazily quicker than Ghostly Warriors.

    I have never intended on doing slayer, but if I could still afford 100,000xp or more a day at only 45, I might just take action. But with the need to prevent tasks such as Bronze Dragons... So my question goals outside to all those resident 99ers, together with assault, strength and defense capes, or people with buddies holding. Where to prepare for the previous 2.3m xp? I have tried Ghostly Warriors (level-42), normally excellent xp. Decent collective drops. Dangerous habitat. Low damage. Giant Skeletons (level-80), fairly good xp. No drops. Safe place, easy to regain Aggressiveness. High damage, medium frequency. Ape Atoll Guards (level-160something), bad xp, no drops, dangerous place, no harm, higher defense. I've heard that Ghouls are good, perhaps? I don't know about aggressiveness, and runescape 2007 gold that's exactly what I'm aiming for.