Full Threaded Stud Heating Treatment

  •    We all know that the special shaped Full Threaded Stud will undergo multiple processing heat treatments, and the processing process is also very cumbersome. So what specific heat treatments may be used? Below, we will briefly describe several heat treatment concepts for special shaped screws.
    1. Normalizing: The steel or steel parts are heated to the critical temperature for a period of time and then cooled in the air.
    2. Annealing: The heat treatment technology of heating the workpiece to 20-40 degrees above the critical point, keeping it warm for a period of time, and then slowly cooling with the furnace or air-cooling oil to below 500 degrees and cooling in the air.
    3. Solid solution heat treatment: heating the alloy to a high temperature single-phase zone at a constant temperature, so that the excess phase is fully dissolved into the solid solution, and then rapidly cooled to obtain a supersaturated solid solution heat treatment technology.
    4. Aging: After the special shaped screw is treated by solution heat or cold plastic deformation, its function changes with time when it is placed at or slightly higher than the room temperature. The time mentioned here may be a few hours, or it may be a few days. The early Dalian Machine Tool Plant in my country was very famous, because their important parts such as sliding rails had to be placed on the beach for several years to obtain good mechanical properties. People who don't know it thought they were left unused, but in fact this is a time-sensitive treatment.
    5. Solid solution treatment: Fully dissolve various phases in the alloy, standard parts strengthen solid solution and improve toughness and corrosion resistance, eliminate stress and soften, so as to continue processing and forming.
    6. Aging treatment: heat and keep the temperature at which the strengthening phase separates, so that the strengthening phase is deposited and separated, hardened and improved strength.
    7. Stud Manufacturer Quenching: A heat treatment technology that cools the special shaped screws at an appropriate cooling rate, so that the work piece undergoes martensite and other unstable layout transformations in the cross section or within a certain range.

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